Welcome to the website of FAIR lawyers, mediators and counsels. In difficult times, the team of Fair offers certainty to businesses and individuals. With reliable legal advice, mediation and personal counseling. For optimal solutions aimed at the future.

The basic principle of FAIR is to prevent legal procedure. By preventing problems or by finding a constructive solution to the future. That is only fair. With this approach, problems can be prevented or solved early. So business and personal relationships can be maintained or even strengthened in a constructive manner. Resolving disputes through the courts is costly and time consuming and may lead to important business or personal relationships go wrong. If legal proceedings are unavoidable then we will be firmly aside to represent your interests.

Whether it is a problem within the company or a private matter, our experienced team of dedicated colleagues will do everything to guide you toward the best solutions within the given context. Our team of lawyers, mediators and counsel has years of experience in providing various services in different Areas. We also work with various renowned specialists in our network such as lawyers, notaries, accountants, broker-appraisers, underwriters, HR professionals and therapists. Your regular Partner at FAIR is personally involved and keeps everything organized for you. While you have the benefits of a large network of knowledge and experience in various fields.

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